What to Expect During a Handyman Visit

by | Sep 8, 2023

It can feel intimidating, and sometimes even embarrassing allowing someone into your home for a handyman visit. Especially if an issue has been ongoing for an extended period of time. Remember that there should be no shame and no embarrassment when you are choosing to improve your surroundings and make positive change! 


Things that you should expect when a BEC Innovations handyman enters your home go like this: 

  • A friendly greeting and introduction to who will be in your home. 
  • A conversation confirming the scope to be completed. 
    • Many times, clients and the handymen benefit from a working list of items to be handled while they are on site. This can help jog the homeowners memory, verify that everything has been taken care of before the handyman leaves and is a nice confirmation that items are being checked off. Even if the list is a couple pages long, we recommend having it all in one place! 
  • The handyman will bring tools and materials into the workspace to prepare for the installation or repair. 
  • Preparation will be made to the workspace to prevent damage or negative impact to the surrounding spaces or finishes. 
  • Work will be completed and issues or complications will be communicated with you, the client. 
  • Clean up of the space and disposal of trash, either in your trash bin or to a BEC Innovations dumpster. 
  • A conversation with you, the client, to discuss how the project went and to say goodbye and thank you. 
  • A service sheet will be filled out by the technician for the work and materials used, signed by the technician and then signed and reviewed with the homeowner.
  • A bill from the home office for the time and materials used, along with an electronic copy of the service sheet for backup and documentation, that you can pay online or through various methods of transference. 


We hope that you feel more comfortable understanding the steps and process for hiring a BEC Innovations handyman. The peace of mind that comes from a space that is functional and well taken care of is worth the coordination of setting up the appointment. Give us a call and let us help you love where you live, and help you create a space where systems are functional and you feel most comfortable. 

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