What Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

by | Mar 15, 2023

Blair Roedel

Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms are where the renovation money is at. Those are a no brainer. Those are also some of the most spendy renovations that you can take on and some people would prefer to spend their money in a way that forces their space to work harder for them. In that vein, I’ve compiled a list of improvements that have a much lower price tag, give you the same ‘wow’ factor and make everyday life more enjoyable!


  1. Paint 
    1. I have always said, and stand by the fact that paint is the most impactful, least expensive improvement you can make to any space. The immediate impact, the drama of a saturated color, the unexpected sheen – paint is such an underrated improvement and can make such a huge improvement!
  2. Built in Storage
    1. Having a designated place for all of your family’s belongings can not be minimized. The peace you feel when your home is organized, visual noise is hidden and your space feeling cozy is what *makes* a home! Think about the rooms that you save on your inspiration pages and what those look like. I bet most, if not all, have some built in storage or organization included. We also won’t be mad if you feel like you need a fireplace to amp up the cozy too…
  3. Cabinet Customizations
    1. If renovating your kitchen isn’t in the cards for this year, make your current cabinetry work harder for you by adding some customizable pull out shelves, dividers or  organizers. As above, chances are better that things will be put away if items have a specific place to live and cabinet customizations are definitely the easiest and most cost effective way to do that. 


We hope that this short list of lower-entry customizations and improvements help you make a list of priorities for your space this year. If you want to do a full on renovation of your kitchens and baths, let’s chat. But if you’re wanting to squeeze as much value and time out of your current spaces, this list provides a great idea on how to make them work harder for you and still itch that renovation bug.

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