E Eastland Avenue Full Home Renovation

by | Mar 6, 2023

Check out our latest full-house renovation, completed in June 2022, on a detached single-family home in the heart of the Historic District of Gallatin, TN.

Scope Completed

Items included in the scope included:

  • roof replacement
  • new flooring throughout
  • minor structural modification by removing the wall between the kitchen and dining rooms
  • replumbing of the entire home
  • all new bathrooms (3 full baths)
  • expansive kitchen remodel
  • landscaping
  • new HVAC for upstairs
  • framing to divide one large bedroom into two smaller ones
  • new windows
  • new paint
  • drywall
  • gutters
  • fireplace modifications
  • lighting
  • new appliances and installation


The home was purchased in April 2022 and sold in June 2022. The renovation increased equity by 40% more than it cost!

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