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by | Nov 6, 2023

Exciting news is on the horizon! BEC Innovations is proud to announce a brand-new addition to our line of services – Concrete! We are thrilled to offer this foundational and versatile solution to our customers, giving you the opportunity to expand your property and unlock the potential of your outdoor spaces like never before.


1. Discover Our Latest Offering: Concrete Pad Extensions

– A Fresh Perspective: Concrete pads and concrete pad extensions are the latest jewel in our service crown. This innovative offering is designed to provide you with a flexible and dynamic solution to cater to your property’s evolving needs.

– A World of Possibilities: Whether you’re looking to create additional parking, extend your outdoor living space, or lay a solid foundation for future projects, our concrete professionals are here to make it happen.

2. Embrace the Potential

– Space Enhancement: Say goodbye to cramped driveways and limited outdoor spaces. Our concrete pads offer an easy way to optimize your property by providing that extra square footage you’ve always wanted.

– Durability Meets Versatility: Concrete is renowned for its long-lasting durability, and our extensions inherit these qualities. With a variety of finishes and customization options, you can now add aesthetic appeal to your extended space.

3. A New Frontier for BEC Innovations

– Our Expert Team: While concrete pads may be a new offering for our company, our team is equipped with extensive expertise in concrete construction. We’ve invested in the best talent to ensure that your project is executed to perfection.

– Competitive Pricing for early adopters: To celebrate the launch of this exciting new service, we’re offering competitive introductory pricing to our valued customers. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to extend your property without stretching your budget.


As we take our journey into uncharted territory with our new concrete service offering, we invite you to be part of the adventure. Expand your property, enhance your outdoor living spaces, and experience the limitless possibilities that our new offering brings to the table.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Contact BEC today to discuss your concrete project. Let us help you elevate your property to new heights. Stay tuned for more updates and stories of success as we continue to innovate and serve our community with cutting-edge concrete solutions.

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